Page 6 - SPF753 Business Owners Financial Solutions Brochure
P. 6

The first step in finding optimal solutions is to identify the
                                                                   potential risk areas. The next step is to quantify these risks
                                                                   and then formulate a solution. Sanlam uses the following
                                                                   tools during the analysis phase.

                                                                   Estate Planning is an analysis process that ensures you
                                                                   have an executable will.

                                                                   The Sanlam Financial Fitness Analysis helps to
                                                                   identify financial planning needs in your business.
            Finding the                                            The 1-2-3 of Business identifies and quantifies the

                                                                   seven most important financial planning risks in your
            answers                                                business.

                                                                   The Sanlam Business Fitness Analysis enables
                                                                   you to view your financial planning needs against the
                                                                   background of your total business.

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